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PANINI – adopted

Melbourne, Victoria
Wolfhound x American Staffy • 4 months old • Female

Big paws, long full body “hello” tail wags, sleek silver grey colouring, legs for days and days and ears to give Dumbo a run for his money. The wolfhound is strong in this one. The scruff may not be obvious at first but the nature of an adventure dog runs deep in PANINI.
Most foster families will call their foster pups “sweet”, however Panini is the epitome of “sugar-ache sweet”! She has a playful, kind and loving nature that when she wakes each day with such joy it’s impossible not to fall in love at first sight. Her streamline body always runs hot which comes in handy for winter night snuggles (no need for an electric blanket with Panini in your arms).
Panini adores her humans, loves her deer foster sister and is most passionate about her foster doggo siblings, in particular her shar pei foster brother Papadum whom she is joint at the hip.
There isn’t a mean or aggressive bone in Panini’s body. The only thing that can stir the mildest of growls is perhaps the threat of food theft from her dinner bowl. Her new forever family will need to have a slow feeder bowl on hand and be prepared for the whirlwind that is meal time.
Food obsessed is not enough to describe Panini’s true love in life.
No matter how much she is fed in all three of her daily meals, she just always seems to want more. Counter surfing, fridge break-ins and 5 second thievery of just about anything in sight is perhaps Panini’s greatest downfall.
Panini is already a big big puppy at 4 months old, we don’t know how big she’ll finally grow to but it aint going to be chihuahua size. Her energy level is medium to high which means she rarely stops moving during her waking daytime hours.
If you’ve been thinking about applying for this big baby dog then don’t hesitate as we know for an absolute fact that a beauty like this will be snapped up and adopted in the blink of an eye!

BEFORE you read Panini’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most wonderful little rescue puppy. Panini cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that her foster family can feel assured she is going to be set up for success during this crucial developmental puppy stage of life.



Deal breakers:
– Panini has grown up with many a doggy pals and is use to their constant companionship so we feel a home with another confident med/large male dog is best for her. A home with no other dog will be considered if the family is experienced with med/large dogs and are home more often than not.
– Panini’s new family must be committed to ongoing training to ensure she grows to be the best doggo she can be.
– Daily walks and outings are a must, a girl must keep up appearances.
– A balanced, healthy diet is very important for a big, growing girl. Panini currently eats a raw, BARF diet which we feel is the best thing for her.
– Panini must be truly part of the family and that means access inside as she pleases, being left locked outside for any portion of time is something Panini will take advantage of! She is an adventurer and will find a way to entertain herself (it just might mean that she finds an escape route or remodels your garden & yard furniture 😂
– The lucky adoptive family of Panini will need to be ready to keep in regular touch with Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of her life.
Non deal breakers:
– Experience with large breed dogs is preferred but not essential, Panini is going to be a big bouncy baby (she already is at 4 months old).
– Ideally her new family has someone home more often than not or has the capability to take her to work with them.
— A home in Victoria is preferred, Panini has extreme motion sickness. Flying and traveling for long distances is not her favourite thing to do. Someone local to her foster family would be preferable.

Panini currently has a clean bill of health and has received all three of her puppy vaccinations. Being a large puppy and future big dog means that there is potential for large breed problems. At her latest vet consult the vet had a quick check of her hips and thought there might be some mild hip dysplasia. This will need a second opinion check as this has not been 100% diagnosed.



Please contact for an adoption application.
**All applications will be reviewed and replied to within 5 days, please be patient.
Panini’s adoption fee is $650
Adoption fee includes:
– All 3 puppy vaccinations
– Flea, Tick & Worming treatments up todate
– Collar, Leash & Harness.
– Desex surgery contract, meaning that she will need to be desexed when old enough.
MICROCHIP NUMBER 9000 7900 0640 425



A desex contract is part of Panini’s adoption binding agreement. This will mean that change of ownership with council will not be complete until proof of desex at 6 months of age is provided. The surgery certificate must be colour copied sent back to Denise at Paws for completion of change of ownership.

**Located in foster care in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria, Panini is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, Panini’s new owners will need to come to Victoria to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with her. Interstate candidates please see above in deal breakers/non-deal breakers. Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Denise at Paws rescue volunteer.