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About Us

Life of Pikelet is a rescue foster family, a registered business that functions for charitable purposes and a highly regarded social media influencer. But more than that, it’s a family.

Not just another pretty face on social media. Pikelet is a pup with a purpose!

Once upon a time back in early 2013, a little red staffy pup found himself alone and on death row, sitting on the cold concrete floor of a cage at a Sydney council pound.  How he ended up unwanted and unloved we’ll never know, but what happened next changed his and his now family’s life, forever.

A rescue organisation called Big Dog Rescue, quickly stepped in and took this little boy under their wing, contacting a foster family they knew would love and care for him. And that they did, and still do. Yep, his foster family soon became his forever home, falling in love with his playful, gentle nature and giving him a name they knew would capture the essence of his sweetness, Pikelet.

Fast forward nine years later and Pikelet Butterwiggle is officially acclaimed worldwide as Australia’s premier Rescue Ambassadog and big Foster Brother Extraordinaire. Featured around the world in mainstream media, Pikelet’s star later rose to fame with his Penguin Random House published life memoirs “The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet” in May 2017. Everybody loves an underdog, and Pikelet truly is just that.

Living in Australia with his Ma and rescue pup siblings, spinster sister Blanche, wingmen little bros Patty Cakes, Pumpernickel, Papadum and Profiterole, lil sisters Peanut Buttercup and Pamplemousse and then two beautiful sanctuary sisters fallow doe ‘Pony’ & dairy calf (who is now a giant full grown cow) Paisley, this little family are working hard to change the stigma of what it means to be a ‘rescue’ animal here in Australia.

Using their social media channels, Pikelet and his equally charming little siblings are providing the world one silly, cute, funny, beautiful photo at a time, proving that ‘rescue’ doesn’t always mean ‘damaged’ or ‘broken’.

Together the Life of Pikelet family have successfully cared for and rehomed over 180 foster siblings and have assisted with the rehoming of hundreds more. They have also donated an excess of $230,000 to a wide range of animal rescues and charitable causes with the aim to donate so much more!

While Life of Pikelet Rescue has always taken a shine to the ‘under dog’ with many foster siblings who are differently abled, blind, deaf, tripaws etc, in early 2019 Life of Pikelet started to focus on a very under supported area of dog rescue; pups born with congenital birth anomalies, deformities, illness or injuries. This type of rescue work is so highly unique and sparsely covered that Life of Pikelet is one of only 4 rescue orgs in the whole of Australia that is focused and experienced in this type of neonatal and infant puppy rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

The latest update for this rescue family and registered rescue is that by mid 2023 Life of Pikelet Rescue will hopefully be a fully fledged DGR Charity. For now this little rescue is a privately run registered rescue org, but with big things just around the corner.

Pikelet would love you to join him, his family and fellow loyal Life of Pikers on their adventures by signing up to our All Access subscription & exclusive facebook page to help support and spread the all important word that ‘rescue’ truly is the best breed.

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