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wish lists


These are items we desperately need to keep our puppies healthy & happy, and HQ in ship shape!

  • Karcher K4 Pressure Cleaner – our pressure cleaner finally gave up the ghost.  It gets used almost daily, so 2 years was probably a pretty good run!  We’ve listed a slightly more robust model this time, in the hopes it will last us a little longer…
  • Fence Feed Bucket – we’ve purchased a few of these in recent times, but with the warmer weather it is getting increasingly difficult to keep Pony and Paisley’s water filled.  Some extra buckets will mean ma doesn’t need to run out to the paddocks to fill them multiple times a day!

All Day, Every Day

It's a literal full time housekeeping gig at HQ. Between feeding and cleaning there is little left for shopping and running errands. These are the items we go through constantly - we really can't have too much!

  • Woolworths vouchers this particular gift card can be used to purchase both supermarket items such as distilled water for our oxygen concentrator, ingredients for our neonate formula etc as well as fuel so we can pass on to volunteers when doing long transport drives  ***MASTERCARD OR VISA vouchers are also very welcome***
  • Prime 100 Turkey & Flaxseed Roll ***CLICK AND COLLECT GISBORNE STORE ONLY***  this is our best non-kibble option for cleft puppies when they no longer need tube feeding

and the rest...

These items aren't crucial but will either help make the day to day running of HQ quicker/easier or provide some extra fun for all the animals

  • Bissell Pro Heat Revolution Pet – this would make keeping on top of the cleaning at HQ much quicker and easier.  While it’s not a necessity, it would go a long way to helping us keep on top of the #stank at HQ

***Life of Pikelet can purchase this item at a much better price – email us at and we can provide the details***

  • One Dog One Bone Pool How awesome is this pool??!!  Okay, it’s cute, but it’s also big enough for a large doggo family and “virtually bombproof” according to the manufacturer – being both chew and UV resistant.  Perhaps we could reinvent “bathface” and make it “poolface”??

***Life of Pikelet can purchase this item at a much better price – email us at and we can provide the details***

***Orders can be sent c/o Life of Pikelet, 134 Verekers Lane, Kyneton, VIC, 3444.  Please forward order details to so that this list is updated and we can keep an eye out for delivery.  Cash donations can be made via PayPal As always, your donation is very much appreciated.