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rescue ranch

Life of Pikelet
Rescue Ranch

Imagine a place with large fenced fields of grass. In those fields dancing and frolicking in the sunlight are puppies, piglets, cows, horses, goats, ducklings and maybe even a deer or two. All have been rescued from a fate unthinkable. Together they grown and learn, developing vital life experiences, feel loved and nurtured. And when it is time, those sweet little beings that nobody once wanted are now the most sort after adoptables in the wide land.

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At its simplest terms, this is a project to open an Animal sanctuary that combines rescue and rehabilitation with education and influence in or close to Sydney, NSW.

The Life of Pikelet Rescue Ranch and AirPnP is a valuable project for the Australian animal rescue and companion animal adopting community.

The first of it’s kind in NSW; we will have an extensive education program centred on animal welfare and pet ownership. We will offer the unique opportunity for visitors from around the world to come and live-in holiday at the AirPnP (Pikelet & Patty Cakes). Your choices will be endless. To simply observe all the fun or on the other extreme you might opt for a foster care experience where current rescue animals stay with you in your on site accommodations.

Based on extensive research into council planning, permits and restrictions we have two NSW locations earmarked. Both come with a hefty price tag and a lot of consideration.

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After 5 years of fostering a steady flow of puppies, kittens, piglets, ducklings, a goat and now a fawn, the Life of Pikelet foster family is confident it is time to run, gallop, leap, waddle and bound at full speed ahead into the future.

We ask for your help to help us help them.

Please donate and share our Go Fund Me campaign, every generous piece of support is valued and greatly appreciated!

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