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Melbourne, VIC
Am Staff x • 2.5 years old • Male

“Elementary, my dear Watson”

Never has their been an more iconic adoptable duo at Life of Pikelet Rescue than these two extremely handsome brothers SHERLOCK & WATSON!

So let’s tell you who is who! Sherlock is the Black, tan and white boyo with the very sore eyes. And Watson of course is the tan babe with a great love for his brother Sherlock.

These boys came into rescue care down in Melbourne approx 3 months ago. They traveled all the way down from the Central Coast of NSW as they urgently needed to find a safe haven after their loving owner had to escape urgently from a domestic violence situation. These bothers are in rescue through “no fault of their own” or the “fault” of their first owner, who misses them dearly but cannot take them back as the living situation now will not allow for pets at all.

In their past lives, these brothers arrived at their home as littermates. They grew up to 2.5 years together and formed an extreme bond, this extreme bond is very much an obvious result of “littermate syndrome”. Some people might think this is lovely and sweet, and some people even say “oh you couldn’t possibly seperate them, they love each other”. And while there is truth in that sentiment, there is also a lot of pain. These boys find it impossible to function without each other, or rather Watson cannot function without Sherlock. This is extreme that Sherlock who desperately needs double eye surgery as he is in pain and discomfort, well he cannot get this surgery because at this time when Watson can’t see his brother even for 60 seconds, he absolutely has a nervous breakdown, whereby he redirects his fear and anxiety onto himself and the humans around him. It becomes so bad that Watson gets physical and can do some real damage.

If we had the resources and we had two seperate *suitable* families willing to adopt the boys separately but stay in touch for playdates etc, then that would be our preference for the boys. It would be what is best for their longterm mental health and to help them become balanced dogs.

But sadly we are a rescue with very limited resources for adult dogs. We really need to find a dog/bull breed savvy forever family that is willing to adopt both boys and work hard with a trainer to undo as much as possible these effects of littermate syndrome.

In care, these angels are just that. They are two medium sized American Staffies are both boisterous, bouncy, bull-in-china-shop, beefcake blockheads who are just simply beautiful.

From what we know of their past, they have had only one altercation with another dog. This other dog had entered the yard of Sherlock and Watson, he was a dog that was allowed to walk off leash and roam the streets. Sherlock started playing with this dog when he entered the boy’s yard and when Sherlock’s previous owner came out to call him inside, Watson must have thought his brother was in danger and went on to protect him. It was a mostly superficial tussle, but both Watson and the other dog walked away with small puncture wounds.

That is the only “issue” the brothers have had to date. On their road trip from NSW to Melbourne, the brothers traveled with 4 other dogs on the back seat of an SUV. They ran, played and toilet breaker with all four dogs (all different breeds, ages and sizes) without a single issue. They were also introduced to cats very quickly before the big travel ride, no issue there either.

There is so much more information we have to tell you on these sweethearts. But what you really need to know is that they are a bonded duo, need a lot more professional training purely to work on their littermate syndrome issues. They are so very human friendly, they are sun piglets, snuggle bugs, goofy and at times very shy and a bit on the nervous side with loud noises, sudden movements and Watson is petrified of brooms, shovels, tools etc. he will cower and run and hide.

Please read all of the above and below before contacting us! Our very generous foster family for the brothers can give you a wealth of further information.

*UPDATE – both boys are currently in the care of a wonderful dog behaviour trainer. This is a bootcamp for the boys to learn how to exist as happy and balanced dogs as individuals. There is a slight hiccup and something we have learnt from the first few weeks of this bootcamp…. Watson is a top level expert when it comes to escaping! He can scale fences, climb roofs and has managed to escape from even the most secure kennel/enclosure. We are fundraising for a new kennel to built. Only once Watson has learnt he isn’t able to escape and can trust the process of his training, then the extreme littermate separation anxiety can be worked on*


BEFORE you read The handsome brother’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of these most precious doggos. Sherlock and Watson cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that their foster family can feel assured they are going to be set up for success in their new home.


Deal breakers:

– At this time we cannot seperate the boys, Watson (the tan boyo) has an extreme attachment to his brother Sherlock (the tri colour boyo). They must stay together in adoption and their new forever family MUST continue intense training to work on this behavioural issue.

– American Staffies need a good amount of exercise each day to keep them in snuggle bug mode in the down times. There is a little pulling on leash and a bit of leash reaction if another dog instigates it. However the boys are very agreeable and well mannered, they both just want to lovingly impress their humans. Continued training is key and it will not be negotiable.

– Watson has some grain allergies and so for this reason the brothers are on a mix of a balanced raw diet and premium grain free kibble, this is working great for their digestive health.

– The boys must have access inside the house at all times, the sofa is their favourite spot to snooze the day away!

– These blockhead hunnies are not huge American Staffies, but they are quite the unit of hurricane when playing bite face or doing tandem zoomies around the house and yard. They are going to need a family that can handle this. Bull breed experience would be great to have when considering adopting this duo.

– The lucky adoptive family of Sherlock and Watson will need to be ready to keep in regular touch with their foster parents and the team at Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of their lives.

Non deal breakers:

– It would be fantastic for these boys to go to an active family with kids! Yup, thats right, these boys are very kid friendly and very gentle. 

– Working on reversing the extreme nature that is their littermate syndrome bond, we would love to know that both brothers have taken up some kind of dog sport. Something like noncompetitive agility, sheep herding, dock diving, the possibilities are endless!



– Both boys are in excellent health, they are fed a grain free diet as they do have some allergies. Mixed in with that grain free diet is a balanced raw diet (we can guide you on this) as well as fresh fruits and veggies. Again, both boys are desexed and now up to date with vaccinations.

– As you can tell from the photos Sherlock has as serious case of Entropion in both eyes. This is a condition where the eyelashes and eyelid roll inward, it causes the lashes to rub against the cornea and rules in a lot of pain, discomfort and irritation. Sherlock will have corrective surgery before he and his brother head off to their forever home.



**We do our best to review and reply to all applications within 14 days, please be patient.

Please click here for an adoption application.

Sherlock and Watson’s adoption fee is together is $2000 and includes:

– Microchipping

– Desexing

– Up to date vaccinations, flea, tick & worming treatments.

– Entropion eye surgery for Sherlock


MICROCHIP NUMBER 953010004898483 & 953010004746122


**Located in foster care in Victoria, Sherlock and Watson are available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, The Brother’s new family will need to come to HQ to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with them. Interstate candidates please see above in deal breakers/non-deal breakers.  Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.

***Life of Pikelet cannot provide transportation interstate, we reserve the voluntary transport be focused on our critical care needs of new intakes.