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POPCORN – adopted

Macedon Ranges, VIC
Rottweiler • 3 years old • Female

Popcorn’s journey into our rescue care has been like a blockbuster movie. Suspected pregnant and underweight from an unregistered backyard breeding situation, where her meals were sparse and her living conditions filthy with no shelter during Melbourne’s harsh winter. Popcorn, however, proved that she’s not just a movie star—she’s a superhero. A c-section later, she delivered one healthy big baby boy and one healthy small baby girl. Now, after lovingly raising her dynamic duo, Popcorn is finally ready to trade her superhero cape for a forever family who will treat her like the princess she is.

We are casting a forever family ready to make Popcorn the leading lady in their lives! She craves inclusion in daily activities, from movie nights to outdoor adventures. Social butterflies and dog lovers, this is your cue to step into the limelight with Popcorn.
What will you get in return? A gentle, sweet, playful, balanced dog with exceptional manners, toilet trained, house trained and a total people pleaser of a companion. Popcorn is FANTASTIC with humans of all sizes and ages, she is also rather excellent with most dogs of ages, sizes and breeds. There are some dogs that she can be a little too boisterous and inquisitive towards, but it doesn’t come from a malicious or aggressive nature. 
Like all Rotties, Popcorn has a booming and slightly intimidating bark, we don’t like to suggest any dog is a guard dog, however Popcorn does have an instinct to protect her people, pack and home. Should you have an intruder though? Well she’ll likely bow down in a sit/drop or smother them with kisses! This girl is a lover not a fighter.
Popcorn has only been shown real love and kindness and what it is to be part of a family since joining Life of Pikelet Rescue, so her new family will need to set aside some time at the start of their adoption journey to be home more than not to help build her trust and settle her in. But once this girl knows shes safe and loved, you’ll have her heart forever.
BEFORE you read Popcorn’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most precious doggo. Popcorn  cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that his foster family can feel assured that she is going to be set up for success in her new home.


Deal breakers:
– Popcorn’s forever family MUST be ready to have a big dog in their family that is an inside dog, she will need access to outdoors for toileting, sunbaking and playing, but this girl wants to be with her people and we want to give her this.
– At least one daily walk/play/park adventure, this young lady is a socialite and would become depressed without some outside world adventures.
– Popcorn is fed a premium  balanced raw diet and we’d like to keep her on this as previously she had meals only a few times a week before coming to rescue.
– The lucky adoptive forever family of Popcorn’s will need to be ready to keep in regular touch with her foster parents and the team at Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of her life. We are a rescue that likes to encourage regular adoptive updates so we can continue to offer ongoing support, thats what families are for!
Non deal breakers:
– We would love to find Popcorn a family with at least one other dog, it’s not a deal breaker but Popcorn loves the companionship of other dogs her size.
– Continued training. Popcorn is pretty well trained in the usual “sit, stay, drop, wait, okay, on your bed” etc but she is so trainable and would thrive with further training, whether they be even more manners she learns or some fun tricks, her brain would love the stimulation.


– Popcorn is in overall fantastic health and perfect body weight and condition. Popcorn had a c-section with her last litter and at the time we had her desexed. All up to date with her vaccinations and her lovely rottie shiny coat and body weight is absolutely perfect.



**We do our best to review and reply to all applications within 14 days, please be patient.

Please click here for an adoption application.

Popcorn’s adoption fee is $1500 and includes:

– Microchipping

– Desexing

– Up to date vaccinations, flea, tick & worming treatments

– Collar, leash & harness.


MICROCHIP NUMBER 956000013188545


**Located in foster care in Victoria, Popcorn is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, Popcorn’s new family will need to come to HQ to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with her. Interstate candidates please see above in deal breakers/non-deal breakers.  Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.

***Life of Pikelet cannot provide transportation interstate, we reserve the voluntary transport be focused on our critical care needs of new intakes.