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PJ – adopted

Sydney, NSW Australia
Staffy x English Bull Terrier • 1.3 years • Male

A heart shaped nose, left eyepatch and a familiar sooky bully sweetness. Thats our baby PJ!

If you missed out the first time round with adopting the most adorabull PJ love bug, now is your second chance to be considered for his forever home.

PJ is just a little over a year old. He finds himself once again looking for a pawfect forever family to call his own.

Over the last year PJ has lived a happy life with his large & busy family. However, progressively over time some undesirable (but very common) bully behaviours have become something that his current family can no longer manage. But these are all things that young PJ can work on and with the experienced guidance of his future forever family, PJ is sure to get back on track.

Right now PJ lives with a Mum, Dad, three human siblings all under the age of 5 (one newborn baby) and a much older canine  brother. With all the recent changes (new baby in the house) PJ seems to feel the need to compete with his canine brother. PJ is a resource guarder and food guarder. He has a strong protective nature & bond with humans but more particularly he feels most protective over his five year old human sister (and also the garden hose).

PJ is an extremely sweet dog and really thrives with human engagement and lots of cuddles and kisses. He is very bouncy and energetic as he is still just a baby himself and still in that puppy phase of learning exactly how to dog best.

In all transparency, PJ has been in a few altercations with his canine brother. Nothing overly serious, but enough to encourage concern and stress on his current family on how to manage this around so many young children. A ball, food or some other item that PJ feels he must protect has always been the cause of these altercations.

PJ is ball obsessed and may even have a touch of those typical bully traits of mild OCD. He desperately needs to move into a forever home where his new family can work on this with him. Being so young and so willing to please; training, patience and good daily routine/structure will see PJ flourish into the best doggo he can possibly be.

We here at Life of Pikelet have such a soft spot in our hearts for PJ. When in foster care here at HQ a year ago, PJ live with multiple dogs and kittens without any behavioural problems. We know he has it in him to be a wonderful family member to a really lucky family. For right now, we believe PJ needs to be an only dog. He needs to be welcomed into a new home where he can be centre of attention, have cuddles on the sofa, watch TV at night with his pawrent/s giving him belly rubs and have lots of fun activities during the day. We want only the best for this pup and so we are determined to find just that.

– An experienced bully  or bully breed owner or an owner who can demonstrate knowledge, history and background with an advance level of dog training and behavioural understanding and practice. PJ is not the appropriate pup for a first time doggo owner (sorry to disappoint).
– A home that is willing to train and encourage PJ to live as a mostly indoor dog. He is white with very little pigment, sun damage and cancer is a very real concern for a dog like him. PJ will not be rehomed as solely an outside dog. He will need a home with a fully fenced and secure yard with lots of shade and a doggy door to give him access to the couch.
– PJ will need to enrol in some training. He will also need to lead an active life with daily activities such as walks, occasional playdates with balanced, non-reactive dogs, beach visits etc.
– The adoptive family will need to stay in regular contact with Life of Pikelet.
Deal breakers:
PJ needs his second second chance to be in a home where he is the only dog.  While PJ did grow up with kittens and multiple dogs, that was long ago. He needs to start fresh and not feel the need to compete for his human’s attention and affections.
Non deal breakers:
– We always give preference to homes where humans are home more than not, however PJ will suit a family who leave the house to work (but not long hours) providing that he is walked and exercised so that he doesn’t develop separation anxiety.

– It would be wonderful if PJ’s new owners enrolled him in some sort of learning activity like agility, dock diving etc. He is extremely athletic and very smart. He would absolutely thrive with a regular weekend activity.

At this time please contact for an adoption application.
PJ’s adoption fee is TBC
Adoption fee includes:
– Up to date vaccinations.
– Desexed complete

– Heartworm testing and meds up to date
– Microchipped
– Wormed, Flea & Tick treated.


PJ is a very healthy and fit young dog. He is a medium sized dog, slim build but quite strong.
He is desexed, microchipped, wormed, flea & tick treated and is up to date with all his vaccinations.

Located in Sydney, PJ is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful PJ’s new owners will need to come to Sydney to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with him. Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.