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PERNOD – adopted

Macedon Ranges, Victoria
French Bulldog • 22 weeks • Male

27Little frenchie boyo Pernod or as we call him “Noddy” was an anonymous breeder surrender to a vet practice down on the southern coast of NSW.
Other than that, we don’t know too much about his birth or family history. The odds were stacked up against him with cleft lip & cleft palate and no colostrum at birth. However, thanks to the vet staff giving Pernod an opportunity with Life of Pikelet Rescue, luck was on our Noddy’s side!

Fast forward to 22 weeks of age and now this beautiful chocolate brindle boi is one healthy and happy little guy.

Noddy is a french bulldog through and through BUT he doesn’t quite have the sassitude of the average Frenchie. He is sweet, bouncy and hella playful. But at the same time he is quiet, calm and gentle natured.

Given the freedom of a big open space (backyard), Noddy is a happy explorer and lover of nature. Leave him too long unattended and you’ll find that his little squish-faced nose will get him into a lotta trouble!

Pernod has been loved on and adored by his foster family, human and fur alike, and deserves nothing less from his forever family.

Noddy has a full hard and soft cleft palate that means he has to be supervised around drinking water from a water bowl and swimming/playing in water, or any instance where water might be ingested the wrong way.

Apart from a sinus infection during earlier days, Pernod has had no issues with his cleft lip & palate to date. He may be able to live his life without the risk of surgical repair.

BEFORE  you read Pernod’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most precious pupper. Noddy cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that his foster family can feel assured he is going to be set up for success in his new home.



Deal breakers:

– Noddy has grown up with many foster siblings and is used to their constant companionship so a home with a  friend or 2 is preferred. A home with no other dog will be considered if the family is home more often than not.

– Pernod’s new family must be committed to ongoing training to ensure he grows to be the best doggo he can be.

– Daily walks and outings are a must, a boy must keep up with the neighbourhood gossip.

– A specific balanced, healthy diet is very important for Pernod due to his cleft palate

– Noddy must be truly part of the family and that means access inside as she pleases, this boy would not much enjoy being left outside.

– The lucky adoptive family of Pernod will need to be ready to keep in regular touch with her foster mama at Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of his life.

Non deal breakers:

A home in Victoria is preferred however interstate applicants will be considered, potential forever families would need to come to HQ for a meet and greet



– Other than her cleft palate, Pernod is in wonderful all round health. Noddy’s new forever family will need to stay in ongoing contact with LoP and he will be assessed at 6-7 months for cleft repair with our specialist surgeon Dr Arthur House.

*Updated information – Noddy boy did not become available again for adoption interest until around 9 months of age. This was due to quite serious hair loss and skin issues. This meant that while in the care of LoP Rescue desexing & cleft repair consultations were put on hold until after adoption.




**We do our best to review and reply to all applications within 5 days, please be patient.


Pernod’s adoption fee is $1200 and includes:

– Microchipping

– Desexing after 6 months of age (adoption under desexing contract clause) *this has been updated as Noddy’s current pending adoption family are using this profile as directive over his adoption instead of the adoption interviews and adoption contract both parties signed after the fact.

– Up to date vaccinations, flea, tick & worming treatments


MICROCHIP NUMBER 953010005099365



**Located in foster care in Victoria, Noddy is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, Noddy’s new family will need to come to HQ to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with him. Interstate candidates please see above in deal breakers/non-deal breakers.  Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.