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What is the Canine Cup?
All proceeds assist the rescue efforts of Guardian Angel Animal Rescue

The Canine Cup is much like a race day luncheon – except better in every way!
– Ours is cruelty free: the luncheon is vegan-friendly and the races you watch are of dogs running (or not running if they don’t want to) from one owner to another, calling them (no whips, drugs, added weight etc).
– You can enter the sweeps, backing dogs running in the pre-recorded races. We pre-record the races with race caller and all to show on the big screen, there are no live races on the day due to the logistics and of course, not wanting to overwhelm any of the pups with screaming people (trust us, you will be loud!)
– There will be a 4 course luncheon served throughout the day and the best live music you could dream of!
– We have our own Fashion competition, so make sure you register early for the parade with great prizes up for grabs!
– Unlimited photobooth – this literally does not stop from 12pm to 4pm! (thanks to Photobooth & Co)
– Guardian Angel Animal Rescue will have rescue pups for puppy cuddles – these will be scheduled, again to not overwhelm any dogs.

When is the 2019 Canine Cup?
The Canine Cup is held on Adelaide Cup Day (Public Holiday in SA)
Monday 11th March 2019 from 12pm to 4pm, noting the bar will remain open until there isn’t enough people dancing, the live music changes at 4pm to recorded music requests.

Where is the Canine Cup?
Plant 4 Bowden, 1 Third Street, Bowden, South Australia.

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