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POTATO CAKE – adopted

Macedon Ranges, VIC
French Bulldog • 7 months • Male


Potato Cake, a face that only everybody in the world could love!

Seriously, this boy has the most expressive face, which is why he’s come to be affectionalty known as ‘Chimp Face’. His personality is just as loveable as his mug and if you are looking for a wing man, look no further because Potato Cake’s has all the qualities needed to be someones full time sidekick!

His love of humans is off the richter scale and he would love nothing more than being the king of someones house where attention is in abundance!

A social guy, Potato Cake makes dog friends with ease and whilst he can get a little spicy about dinner time, he is, on a scale of one to frenchie, a pretty docile, sweet guy who causes little trouble but provides bucket loads of good vibes.

So, why was little Potato Cake in need of some LoP love? Because he has a condition called Spina Bifida, this is a spinal condition that is not degenerative but does effect his spine and renders him completely incontinent and whilst that sounds overwhelming, it’s really not, once a routine is established, in combination with his current premium high quality balanced raw diet, his poops and wees are regular and a non-issue to a savvy adopter who has no problem helping the process along.

He does also get to wear very fashion forward ‘dundies’ which can help with any accidents… who doesn’t like a dog in a pair of pants?

Potato Cake’s is really a ‘gem’ (see what we did there)… his main objective in life is to love and if all you need to do in return is wipe his little butt every now and again, we think you’re getting a pretty good deal.

He would suit a home as an only doggo, provided his fam were around more often than not or he could easily share with another doggo or two if they don’t mind playing second fiddle to his first chair… what can we say, the boy likes to be the star!

BEFORE you read Potato Cake’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most precious pupper. Potato Cake cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that his foster family can feel assured he is going to be set up for success in his new home.


Deal breakers:

– Potato Cake’s new family must be committed to ongoing training to ensure he grows to be the best doggo he can be. Growing up in rural Victoria means that city life will be all new to this handsome guy and he will need time and patience to become accustom to life ‘off the farm’.

– Caring for Potato Cake’s incontinence will be a lifelong task for his new family, washable nappies and daily baths. Whilst this may seem an overwhelming task, once a routine is established, it’s really not that hard, Potato Cake’s is a very compliant guy and doesn’t put up a fight about his regular ‘booty baths’, in fact he enjoys a little spa treatment.

– Daily walks and outings are a must, a fancy boy must keep up with the neighbourhood news.

– A specific balanced, healthy diet is very important for Potato Cake to ensure her digestive health. We have found that a balanced raw diet is what he does best on and kibble can causes poop explosions, something that is not fun for either Mr Cakes or his guardians.

– Potato Cake must be truly part of the family and that means access inside as he pleases and sleeping indoors at night is a MUST (no backyard doggos from this rescue)

– The lucky adoptive family of Potato Cake will need to be ready to keep in regular touch with his foster mama at Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of his life.

Non deal breakers:

– Potato Cake wouldn’t mind a home with access to the beach, soft sand and swimming can only benefit this little hind-leg muscles and keep him fitting fit.


– Potato Cake has a spinal abnormality called Spina Bifida which is why he can’t regulate his bladder and bowel on his own. Potato Cake will need a forever family that understands and is capable of changing doggo nappies and happy to give him a regular daily bath (just his botty). Like many frenchies, skin issues and allergies could be a minor issue for Potato Cake. However on a great balanced diet, this should keep this at bay. So far this boyo is yeast infection free, which is rare for a frenchie! Potato Cake’s back legs are not 100% however he is more than capable of running and playing like a regular dog, he just does it with his own ‘flair’. Ensuring Potato Cake is kept slim, is imperative to his long term health, as excess weight will impact his joints and wobbly little legs.

– It’s also worth mentioning that Potato Cake’s tail is what is called a “corkscrew tail” which is descriptive on how some tails on bulldogs are, they look and feel twisted and partially ingrown. In Potato Cake’s case and linked with his spina bifida, his tail vertebrae is fused and has a spiral curvature leaving his tail immobile. Luckily he has had no infections or problems though because his spina bifida isn’t extreme there may be an option for his forever family to seek surgery to have his tail removed and have specialised surgery to help with his incontinence. We can advise on surgeons to consult with.


Please click here for an adoption application.

**We do our best to review and reply to all applications within 14 days, please be patient.

Potato Cake’s adoption fee is $1200 and includes:

– Microchipping

– Desexing after 6 months of age (adoption under desexing contract clause and desex age dependant on individual health needs of each animal)

– Up to date vaccinations, flea, tick & worming treatments

–  A selection of custom made and washable Dundies

MICROCHIP NUMBER 956000014811502


**Located in foster care in Victoria, Potato Cake is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, Potato Cake’s new family will need to come to HQ to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with him. Interstate candidates please see above in deal breakers/non-deal breakers.  Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.