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PIÑACOLADA – adopted

Life of Pikelet HQ. Sydney, Australia
Boxer • 5 months • Female

If you like Pinacolada, and getting caught in the rain
If you´re not into doga, but you’re willing to train…

This darling squishfaced puppy of marshmallow goodness is finally ready to find herself a perfect forever family. World, meet PIÑACOLADA! A pup like no other!

Piñacolada has been in care here at Life of Pikelet for a few months now. To say she has come a long way would be an absolute understatement.

Her foster parents have put in a lot of hard work into training and shaping Piñacolada to be her very best self.

Pure white with a smattering of freckles all over her tummy, body and ears, Piñacolada has one large tan patch just a little down from the base of her tail. Wrinkles for days and soft squishing furry folds of skin, it doesn’t take much to fall in love with this baby as she melts into your arms and looks into your eyes.

She is 100% deaf but is otherwise in wonderful health. Eye contact is a huge bonus of Piñacolada’s charming personality. It helps that she is also food motivated and so learning sign language has been a breeze for this clever pup.

Piñacolada is a purebred Boxer. An absolute stunner and charmer to all that she meets. Her best behaviour is when she is out and about. She simply enjoys meeting new people, new pups and exploring new places. This little lady would make the perfect sidekick and companion to a dog owner who is looking for just that.

At home Piñacolada enjoys couch surfing, stick chewing, rumbles and bitey face with her foster siblings. The best way to describe Piñacolada’s energy level is 80% high energy dog and 20% highest energy dog! There are times of the day when you just have to ride out the crazy boxer sillies (experienced boxer owners will know what this is). There isn’t a mean bone in this puppy’s body, it’s all love, joy, silliness, excitement and lots and lots of affection.

She came in like a wrecking ball, but truly her foster family will be sad to see this one leave on adoption.
With big paws and a big heart, Piñacolada leaves a big impression.

Piñacolada is not crate trained, she has a phobia of crates it seems… So she sleeps soundly (as all deaf pups do) either on the end of the human bed or curled up on the floor on a dog bed. She is still working on toilet training and is about 95% there. Her diet consists of high quality premium puppy kibble (Meals for Mutts puppy), chicken necks & feet, Rosehip and premium treats of sardines and chicken jerky (The Doggie Bakery). We have started to slowly introduce a raw diet (Rogue Royalty) to Piñacolada which she absolutely thrives on.

Currently little Piñacolada is the 4th youngest kid in her foster family. She lives with 6 other dogs of all ages, sizes & breeds and she also has a baby deer foster sister (yes, a fawn) whom she has bonded with over the past few months. Piñacolada has met young children and while she is wonderfully gentle with them she also is very unaware of personal space and has no control over her long gangly legs and bouncy enthusiasm. So young babies and toddlers might not be the best fit however we are willing to consider this based on individual applications. Piñacolada has not been cat tested.

Before you read Piñacolada’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this very sweet, very sort after puppy. Piñacolada cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work, not even just for a few hours… There needs to be a plan outlined so that her foster family can feel assured she is going to be set up for success and not further develop her separation anxiety issues.

Deal breakers:
– An experienced dog owner who has either had a boxer in the past or had a very energetic pup/s.
– Another dog or two is an absolute MUST. Piñacolada exhibits some mild separation anxiety, being left without canine companionship would make for a miserable life for this little girl. She craves both human and canine attention.
– Owners who are home more than not. Piñacolada needs to be with her humans, there is no two ways about it.
– A home that is willing to train Piñacolada to live as a mostly indoor dog. She is white with very little pigment, sun damage and cancer is a very real concern for a dog like her. And while Piñacolada likes nothing more than to sunbath, even sunscreen will not prevent possible cancer in her future. Being indoors most of the time is the best preventative action for this pup. Piñacolada will not be rehomed as an outside dog. She will need a home with a high fully fenced and secure yard with lots of shade and a doggy door to give her access to the couch.
– Piñacolada will need continued training and practice with her sign language. She will also need to lead an active life with daily activities such as walks, playdates, beach visits etc. Remember that a deaf dog cannot be vocally called back when off leash. If you want her to be a well trained pup with perfect recall then you’ll need to work and invest time and energy to train her.
– The adoptive family will need to stay in regular contact with Life of Pikelet.
Non deal breakers:

– It would be wonderful if Piñacolada’s new owners enrolled her in some sort of learning activity like agility, dock diving etc. She just loves to get out and explore the world and is very well adjusted to all she meets (human and animals).
– Piñacolada would love to have her owners join a community club for boxers where owners and their pups meet up and play. Boxers have a very unique playing style and there isn’t anything that compares to a good old play with someone on the same level as you.

Please contact for an adoption application.
Piñacolada’s adoption fee is $600.
Adoption fee includes:
– 3 x puppy vaccinations.
– Heartworm testing at Balmain Vet Hospital
– Desex at 9 months of age also at Balmain Vet Hospital

– A desex contract is part of Piñacolada’s adoption binding agreement. This will mean that change of ownership with council will not be complete until proof of desex at 9 months of age is provided.


Piñacolada is approx 5 months old (22 weeks) and has been vet checked regularly. She is confirmed to be 100% deaf and may need a small surgery to correct her lower eyelids.
Piñacolada is microchipped, wormed, flea & tick treated and has had all three of her puppy vaccinations.

Located in foster care in the Inner West of Sydney, Piñacolada is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful Piñacolada’s new owners will need to come to Sydney to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with her. Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.