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Macedon Ranges, Victoria
Great Dane x Catahoula • 2 years old • Female

It’s coming up to 2 long years that Philly has been in care with Life of Pikelet Rescue. Truth be told, she is not a difficult dog to rehome as such. What Phil really needs is a forever family who have only one or two chonky medium to large sized dogs, a family who are dog savvy and understand that our girl here will take a tad longer to feel at home because new people, new environment, new routine and a new canine sibling/s all in one go for a blind and deaf doggo is quite a lot to handle. The right forever family does exist though. And this girl is one of those doggos that really shouldn’t be waiting like she has. Once settled in, this beautiful girl is a dream dog, and not a single person that has met her can argue that fact nor would they want to!

Miss Philadelphia Cheesesteak is a favourite here at Life of Pikelet.  Born 100% deaf, 100% blind and 100% full of love, she is the welcoming committee to every visitor, tradie or even the delivery guy! She is pure love on four legs!

BUT, do not let her impairments get you fooled.  Philly is whip smart and will be great for a family who can nose train her during the day and let her cuddle you on the couch at night.  AND, Philly’s smarts are not restricted to just knowing how to get around her fully fenced farm.  Nope!  This girl knows a routine she will be sure to let you when it’s dinner time.  Her remaining skill sets include; needing a strong crate – because girlfriend puts Houdini to shame, opening doors and full body cuddles.

Among Philly’s other skills are being the best sister ever.  She has loved all her foster siblings, including a cow and a deer (the photo-bombing deer you see in her photos), and is great with big adult dogs. She’s not one for small adult doggos though – she prefers her friends tall, *dark and *handsome (being blind the only thing you can’t embellish with Philly is your size).

Philly is a Great Dane + Catahoula cross, but you wouldn’t know it.  We think she’s fully grown right now and she’s the size of a medium Labrador. She weighs in at about 25kgs of pure love.

Phil is a tactile girl, if you are not up for lots of physical contact or soft velvety baby dog melting into your arms & lap, then keep on swiping!

If you think Philly is your girl, you will be rewarded with unending love.  She’s even proof *read* this profile to make sure you know just how much she can’t wait to meet her people.

Philly is desexed, vaccinated and toilet & crate trained.  Being a white dog, Philly may be prone to allergies, however she has displayed no allergy symptoms in her time at HQ.

BEFORE you read Philly’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought to and communicate in their adoption application what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most wonderful rescue girl.  Philly CANNOT be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work…  There needs to be a plan outlined so that her foster family can feel assured she is going to be set up for success.


Deal breakers:

– Philly needs a medium-large adult dog friend that she can cuddle with (preferably male). For the first few weeks it’s important for her contact with a new sibling/s to be supervised and limited to short periods. Philly needs to be eased in to build up that trust. Everything will be new to her and this is what we feel is a must to give her the best chance at success with a sibling or two.

– She must have inside and outside access, with plenty of outdoor shade, she is not an outside only dog as she will need owners that understand the care involved with white dogs.

– No young children under 7 years old (because of the full body cuddles)

– No Cats, no adult small dogs, no pocket pets and no puppies. These are NOT negotiable. Philly has working breed in her genetics and even with 100% no vision or hearing, she sure can sniff out those she loves and those she absolutely does not love.

– Her people need to be home more often than not and they need to be prepared for a few weeks of settling in period. Philly will need to have the ability to build up trust with her new humans, new space and any new canine siblings.

– You must have a fully fenced yard, this is not negotiable. She may be deaf and blind but Philly is a smart cookie and will find an escape if there is one to be had, though she isn’t one to want to escape once she feels safe and happy.

– A balanced, raw diet is what we expect to be continued for Miss Philly to keep her healthy and bright.

Non deal breakers:

– While we’re not looking for someone with experience with deaf or blind dogs, we do expect her forever family to work on some nose training with her. Every single person who has adopted either a deaf or blind dog from Life of Pikelet had no prior experience with such. It may seem daunting but the reality is far from.

 While we would be willing to rehome her outside of Victoria, potential forever families would need to come to HQ for a meet and greet


– Aside from being deaf and blind, Philly is in excellent health and has never so much as had a sniffle or any reason to cause alarm.


Philly’s adoption fee is $1200.  Adoption fee includes:

– Vaccinations up to-date

– Sterilisation and specialist eye consultation with diagnosis & prognosis completed

– Flea, Tick & Worming treatments up to date

**All applications will be reviewed and replied to ASAP, please be patient.

MICROCHIP NUMBER 900164001876228