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PARTY PIE – adopted

Melbourne, VIC
Whippet x Catahoula • 17 weeks • Female

Hey party people!

Are you looking for the perfect blend of sweet and sassy?
Cute and cuddly?
Whippet and Catahoula?
Then the apple of your eye is sure to be Miss Party Pie!

With her striking parti-coloured eyes and flippity floppy ears, this gorgeous girl stops everyone in their tracks – and then charms them with her fun loving and affectionate personality. A true social butterfly, 17 week old Party Pie adores pups and people in equal measure and she loves making new friends when out and about.

Party is playful, adventurous, outgoing, independent, smart, a little stubborn, rarely shy but at times a little sensitive. She loves the outdoors but due to her colouring she should not be exposed to direct sun for long periods and should always wear sunscreen for any short periods of exposure. A home with a shady backyard, a playful fur-sibling and an abundance of sticks, where she is allowed indoors and is a loved and cherished family member, is Party Pie’s ideal forever after.

Currently lodging with 2 senior doggos and a juvenile landshark (previous LoP foster, Porkpie), Party is the perfect house guest. She sleeps through the night in her crate without stirring and wakes in the morning ready for a snuggle with her person. She simply adores her foster siblings and spends her days cavorting with Porky and cuddling with the oldies when she tires. Her toilet training is coming along brilliantly, she needs very little assistance.

Before you read Party Pie’s adoption criteria it is extremely important that potential adopters give great thought and communicate in their adoption application as to what their home set up and routine plan is for the first few weeks/months if they are the successful adopter of this most precious pupper. Party cannot be settled in over just a weekend and then left on a Monday home alone while you return to work… There needs to be a plan outlined so that her foster family can feel assured she is going to be set up for success during this crucial developmental puppy stage of life.



Deal breakers:

– Party Pie has grown used to canine siblings and their constant companionship, so having at least one existing well mannered dog in the home is a must.
– Party Pie must attend puppy school and her new family must be committed to ongoing training to ensure she grows to be the best doggo she can be. Party’s foster carer can provide assistance or advice if required
– Daily walks and outings are a must. Party has already attended doggie daycare regularly and enjoys regular stimulation and socialisation.
– A balanced, healthy diet is very important for a growing puppy. Party currently eats a raw, balanced diet of meat, veg, organs, bone and some additional supplements to support a healthy immune system. A slow feeder bowl is also advisable as Party is a fast eater!
– Party will not be rehomed as an outside only dog. She will need a home with a fully fenced and secure yard with lots of shade and she must be allowed inside and be included as a true member of the family. Being white with very little pigment, sun damage and cancer is a very real concern for her.
– The lucky adoptive family of Party Pie will need to be happy to keep in regular touch with both Party’s foster family and Life of Pikelet throughout the duration of her life.

Non deal breakers:

– We always give preference to homes where humans are home more than not. Party Pie may suit a family who work normal hours (but not long hours) providing that she is walked and exercised regularly, so she does not become bored and destructive, but her forever family will have to work hard early on to ensure she feels comfortable and secure when home alone
– It would be wonderful if Party Pie’s new family enrolled her in some sort of learning activity like agility, dock diving, canine nose work etc

Please contact for an adoption application.
**All applications will be reviewed and replied to within 5 days, please be patient.
Party Pie’s adoption fee is $650
Adoption fee includes:
– First 3 puppy vaccinations (already complete – paperwork will be provided).
– Collar & leash.
– Desex surgery (Party came to LoP already desexed – paperwork will be provided).
Party Pie has had some minor skin issues treated during her time in foster care. She may be prone to skin issues in future due to her pink and delicate skin, so this is something her potential adopters should be aware of. She will need to be heart worm treated and tested once she is 5 months and older.
**Located in foster care in Inner Melbourne, Party Pie is available for interstate adoption however this comes with the firm understanding that if an interstate candidate is successful, Party’s new owners will need to come to Melbourne to complete adoption paperwork and travel home with her. Video footage of yard & home will also need to be provided along with the agreement to a possible home check by a local Life of Pikelet rescue volunteer.